To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.

- Soren Kierkegaard

January 23, 2011

A history of yarn

A few months ago, while thrifting I discovered a bag of tightly wound yarn. The colours were natural and the yarn was fairly soft to the touch. One ball looked to be linen (the grey coloured one) and was so finely spun.

 I am slowly unraveling the balls & winding them into skeins. I will give them a soak to freshen them up, although they have no odor whatsoever.

When I had finished unwinding the linen yarn I discovered a little ball of newspaper that had been at it's centre. I suppose it was to help the ball get started? The newspaper is dated 1967 and upon discovering that I began to wonder. Who had spun this yarn? What had their life been like? Could it have been spun all those years ago? Was it spun on a spindle or a spinning wheel? This is the part of thrifting that I love. So as I sit here wondering, I can imagine all sorts of things of where and how this yarn came to be.


Lori ann said...

i love this repurposing you are doing, the colors are lovely and the wool looks so soft.

Gen said...

Thank you, it has been quite fun. I have just dyed some of it turquiose & deep blue.

Lori ann said...

do you use plant dyes? or other methods? it's lovely your having a giveaway, wish i could have gotten it together to post too.

Gen said...

Lori ann,
I dyed this yarn using eco-friendly acid dyes. I have plant dyes & occasionally get to use them. I plan to do much more plant dyeing this summer.

Sharolyn said...

Lovely to hear about finding the newspaper. I also like to think about the history and life of second-hand things, something beautiful about participating in it.